Playsets from the Bizarro World

I was wondering around Toys R Us looking for gift ideas for my kids and came across the playsets by Playmobil. Most of them are completely normal or understandable, like pirates, knights, cops or things of that nature. Then I saw this one. It’s called the “Comfortable Living Room Set” and it features a guy pouring a glass of wine in his bachelor pad living room. Is he single?… expecting company later?… who’s coming over? Now check out his decor… Now check what he’s wearing! Awesome! (Are those tinted glasses? Now it’s getting creepy)ImageThen I saw this one. It’s called “Royal Banquet Playset”. Which is perfect if your 4 year old child wants to stage a decadent meal for French aristocracy circa 1770. I can already hear toddlers across the country exclaiming: “LET THEM EAT CAKE! FOR WE ARE THE 1%!” (And YES – It comes with a cake! (I can see it on the dessert trolley) Now, If Playmobil makes a “Guillotine playset” we’d be in bidniz.

ImageThen I became curious as to what else they offer in terms of playsets, so I go online to look, when I discover this ABSOLUTE FREAKING GEM of a set. You get to harass a homeless man as a member of the Kaiser’s secret police force… I WILL HAVE THIS!



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