Stuffed Crab… “Shanghai Style”

I went to eat Chinese food at a place in Houston that is normally pretty good. It seems they had a new item on the menu… Stuffed Crab. Awesome. I love stuffed crab, so I ordered it. It turns out that Chinese stuffed crab (at least at this restaurant) is nothing more than ground beef served in a crab shell. GROUND BEEF! Apparently they were unclear about what people are expecting when they order stuffed crab.

I asked why the stuffed crab contained no actual crab. I received a puzzled look that seemed to say: “You got exactly what you ordered.” I when on to explain that what I ordered was stuffed crab; what I received was some ground beef served in crab shells and that there is a difference between the two.They still didn’t understand. The waiter continued to point at my plate while bobbing his head saying “stuffed crab.”

I went on to explain that by his logic, they could have served me crab shells stuffed with jelly beans, whipped cream or dog shit and that would still technically be stuffed crab. They did take it back and bring me something else, but I find it curious that my waiters English seemed to improve considerably when he was dealing with patrons that were not complaining.

So, I thought that before I went I would point out that the “fortune cookies” did not actually contain fortunes. What I received in my cookie was a platitude: “The silent man easily maintains his dignity.” A fortune is a prediction of something that has yet to happen, like “You will meet a tall dark stranger”. That’s the kind of thing I’m looking for in a cookie, not advise or cliches. But I didn’t actually mention it since I thought that that would be going out of my way to be an asshole. So, then I thought about it… and did it anyway.


BadMoon Interview

Below is an interview that appeared in the Houston Press about me. I thought I would share. It is only the copy, but it you’d like to read the piece complete with photos, go to the original Houston Press article.

What He Does: Flynn Prejean makes his home over at Bad Moon Studios. Originally he made comic books, but these days his main work is as a gigposter printmaker unleashing a wave of pop art to plaster the city in so you know where you’ll need to be to rock to the fullest. He’s designed posters for the likes of Hank III, Johnny Winter, Agent Orange, the Misfits and more. As an illustrator with a lot of musician friends, it was only natural for him to start getting CD cover and poster requests, and once he got into his current work, it became his dream job. He also does custom skate deck designs.

Why He Likes It: “The greatest thing about being a poster artist is that each poster is unique and not beholden to anything I’ve ever done before. I experiment, mix styles, change and do everything I can to keep evolving. My personal style is defined by “anything goes” subject matter coupled with my love of pen and ink and vibrant color. My work’s first objective is to entertain me. If it entertains others, then so be it.”

What Inspires Him: When Prejean was in college, he came across the work of legendary record label owner and artist Brian Schroeder, better known as Pushead. In addition to fronting Septic Death in the ’80s, he did art for everyone from Metallica to Dr. Dre. Prejean thought Schroeder had the coolest job in the world. Like a lot of poster artists, he also draws influence from comics, pin-up art, and old horror and sci-fi movies. He has a passion for the collective retro American pop culture that makes its way into most of his art.

If Not This, Then What: “No clue. This is all I ever wanted to do and will be all I ever do.”

If Not Here, Then Where: Prejean has been all over the country, and if he had to pick another homestead, it would be Seattle or Chicago. He’s a Houston boy at heart, though.

What’s Next: “I’m working on a series of prints that pay tribute to any musician, author, comedian, poet, artist or personality that was ever a huge influence on my life, whether it was at three years old or a current inspiration. It’s very likely you could see a print dedicated to T.S. Elliot right next to another glorifying Oscar the Grouch…fun stuff, right? When the series is complete, I plan to have a show here in Houston.”

The Prophet

The Prophet says…
“Instant Karma’s Gonna Get You!”

Since I began this series, I’ve had people screaming for this one… The fabbest of the four! And honestly, I’ve had it planned for a while, but I love it when you all get vocal about what you want to see. (But don’t take that as an invitation for requests, heh, heh) This artist exemplified the fact that celebrity can truly be a wonderful thing when used as a vehicle to inspire and speak out against what is wrong. I’ve always admired the man for that (in addition to his amazing music). He was lost far too soon.

Also, Congratulations to Remy Carter of Uberflukt Films, He won a 24″ x 30″ Print just for following us on Twitter!

As usual, this one will come in 2 formats / sizes. Both are giclees; One will be 24″ x 30″ and the other 12″ x 24″. They are hand-signed and numbered; run will be limited.
And, by the way, Who is “The Sorcerer”? SCUZE ME?!

The ICONS Series III & IV

The ICONS Series is an open-ended body of work that depicts artists, musicians, poets, comedians and writers that at some point had a large impact on my life. The works are meant to honor those whom I think are (or were) light-years ahead of their time…

That being said, I offer the 3rd and 4th of the series… To get one for yourself, go to the Gallery.


Wow! What a great time we had this year at Flatstock 33 at SXSW in Austin! At the end of the second day, we had already surpassed what we sold during the entirety of last year’s show. As usual we completely burned the candle at both ends and came home exhausted, but it was completely worth it. We saw old friends, ate good food, drank good beer and generally just had a lot of fun. We are already developing a plan of attack to make Bumbershoot 2012 in Seattle an equal (or even bigger) success for BadMoon.

On top of the generally good show we had, We apparently are receiving a little more exposure in Europe: The Flood Gallery in the UK purchased some prints from us as part of a “Best of Flatstock” show they are putting together. Click here to read more about the show.

Also, I was interviewed by a British fashion related (I think) magazine about the “post-gigposter explosion era”, but it was very early and I can’t find where I wrote the name down… : P  I’ll post more about that if I ever discover who interviewed me and for what publication they work.